Monday, September 1, 2014

Travels of Serendipity and Sunshine

Me and my luck. Let's start with that. I must admit I have been the luckiest person on this trip, and those who met me along the way know that. More detail will come along and you'll understand what I mean. Before you go on reading everything else, let me warn you that I was followed around by two things, the first most people considered it great (I was kinda tired of it so I didn't so much) and the second was picture bad luck: Sun and Restoration. Everywhere I went the sun followed, until the last days that that 'luck' started to run out. But the restoration and building was ridiculous. Everywhere I went they were restoring something, and of course, in front of beautiful buildings I wanted to take pictures of. So you might see a lot of machinery in the pictures, terribly sorry for that but at least the pictures are nice and bright. So in my goals of this trip I had three main ones. Backpack as much as I could in Europe, spend time with the fella I was dating (who was living in London a few months) and go to an Ed Sheeran concert. The most likely was the least achieved but with that I've learned one very important thing on this trip: Things happen for a reason. This is really true, don't believe me? Just read and you'll see...

Looking out at Loch Lomond, Scotland

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